Monday, January 31, 2011

Odd Nosdam - T.I.M.E. Soundtrack (2009)

I picked this one up on vinyl in 2009 off a whim just because the cover sticker said "Soundtrack to an Element Skateboarding Movie". Its a solid instrumental album, somewhere between Boards of Canada and Thes One. Most of the tracks are filled with crackling distortion/reverb filters that blend well with the spacey synths. I tend to favor side 2, not including my favorite track, Fly Mode. It starts off a bit slow but once the guitar-based tracks arrive it'll make you wish you could skate.

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Psych Funk 101 (2010)

Amazing psych-funk compilation of rare world-psychedelica tracks from the diggers behind the Indian compilation Sa-Re-Ga and Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas(i.e. go buy em). Highlights of this album include The Group's The Feed-Back and Omar Khorsid's Rasket El Fadaa, which sounds like an intro song to a hazy, Bollywood-Tarantino flick. Its a global snapshot of musical mimesis and the resulting creativity that can happen when another culture inserts their version of the garage-rock singer into the deep fuzz, drums, and dirty bassline formula.

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Satwa (1973)

Satwa is a mostly acoustic Brazilian psych album with Lula Cortes (of infamous Paebiru fame) on sitar and Lailson on guitar. The twelve-string guitar on here twangs with all kinds of dusty tape-hiss goodness. The tempo of the songs remain fairly constant, with the ascending electric guitar on "Blue do Cachorro Muito Louco" building to the highpoint of the album.

(Thanks to James for puttin me on to this)

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Gaslamp Killer - Its A Rocky Road Vol. 2 (mixtape)

Ian Carr - Suspension
Gal Costa - Pasarinho
Sidney Owens and North South Connection - Sputnik
Can - Thief
Silhouettes - Lunar Invasion
Pool-Pah - Sour Soul
Demon Fuzz - Another Country
Placebo - Balek
Outlaw Blues Band - Deep Gully
Mickey & The Soul Generation - Message From a Black Man
The Advancement - Stone Folk
Piero Piccioni - Psychedelic Mood
Chocolate Watchband - Gossamer WIngs
Shocking Blue - Love Buzz
Art Ensemble of Chicago - Theme De Yoyo