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The Rise and Fall of The Obscure Music Download Blog

The Rise And Fall Of The Obscure Music Download Blog: A Roundtable:

 In the 21st century, do you think something exists if it doesn't exist somewhere on the internet?
     Eric Lumbleau: If something can be said to meaningfully exist if said existence occurs amid such endless proliferation that it's forgotten sooner than it's absorbed. A better question is whether the cultural relativity induced by having all musical histories on tap 24/7 renders the act of attempting to connect historical threads a fool's errand. Being inside this cyclotron of atomized information from my own vantage point produces a palpable sense of vertigo. A feeling that it could be anything in any order by anyone at any time for any reason. Everything pointing in all directions quaquaversally but arriving at no destination. And its effect is a cancellation of affect. 
      A feeling like Baudrillard's screen stage of blank fascination has reached its terminal phase and all previous depths are collapsing into an endless vista of dazzling surface play. In my case, it's caused me to recoil and retreat to engaging with music in the way that I did when I was in my early teens, which is to say with no concern at all for what else I might be missing at the same time or what else "I need to know about," since there's no sense any longer of a beginning, end or causation in the spaces between, so I just tune into a select few things that I then revisit with depth and intensity and block out the rest of the hubbub.
Frank Deserto: My grandparents exist, and they have no presence on the internet.

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Genre: Australian Psych. Rock//60's hazy feel-good



Oy! Homework assignment: Help me track down the albums listed in this video and we can all feast on some superior psych-freakout goodness. Watch the video or be lazy and go here and look on the right-hand side to scroll through all of Ty Segall's picks. I've got the Television Personalities, Dicks, and Flying Lizards album. If you all can get some of the others (especially the Swell Maps 'Jane From Occupied Europe') I'll megapost them.

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Genre: psych-folk/rock
Listen (Dead link: if an unmarked album link falls on the internet, who hears it? AKA, bizarre how some albums get taken down and some don't.  If you want a re-up post in the comments and I'll get it up again)

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The Future Is Now

The Future Is Now from Turk Madison on Vimeo.

Krautrock mega-video mix

Fairy Tales - Kin Ping Meh
Queen Of Spades - Curly Curve
A Place To Go - Embryo
China - Electric Sandwich
It All Depends - The Scorpions
Ride The Sky - Lucifer’s Friend
No Freak Out - Spermuell
Norderland - Eroc
Gammy Ray - Birth Control
Castle In The Air - Eloy
So Far - Faust
Watussi - Harmonia

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Album Progression: Ambient>Krautrock>Psychedelic>Ambient


For maximum effect combine with doses of Zaucer of Zilk by Brendan Mccarthy and Al Ewing.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012


1. Cut Chemist (funk breaks/edits/etc.) [7:48]
2. Madlib (6 different beats made from the track below) [8:39]
3. The Wooden Glass ft. Billy Wooten (a jazz-funk masterpiece from 1972) [3:12]

Tuesday, September 18, 2012




Genre: Scottish Post-punk/World


Vintage Brazilian post-punk



Downtempo house/sample-based electronic


(A)rt of Sampling Vol. Hot 97 FM

Some recent beats I punched out and their main sources:

  (if you're on google reader and don't see the above Soundcloud embed click here)

(As above, so here, if you don't see the 2nd Soundcloud embed click here)

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Filesharing Recommendations

Sorry for the shitshow recently, Rapidshare plans on deleting all of my "inactive files" (files not downloaded within x-amount of days) unless I upgrade to a paid account. Can anybody recommend a filesharing service other than Rapidshare and Mediafire so I can get this smoking bag of music bones off the ground again?

Monday, September 3, 2012


Double-disc stand-up comedy compilation featuring Patton Oswalt, David Cross, Paul F. Tompkins, Maria Bamford, Chris Hardwick, and Andy Daly among others.

Disc 1: Listen
Disc 2: Listen

Friday, August 24, 2012

Public Access Theme

I have a public access tv show and here is my first attempt at the theme song. All samples (aside from the Baron/Von/Dr. stuff) are from 60s Batman/Godzilla/Green Hornet vinyls. See if you can guess the name of the show.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Glorious alternate takes and pre-track ramblings on the studio sessions of my favorite album to get hammered to.


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Dublab Nest

This track by Anenon called Kosmiche Slop I found through a recent Dublab mix they did for the TEDxUSC 2012 Mix (check out the tracklist on the Dublab mix). That Anenon track is from a digital download album they offer featuring Andrew Pekler, James Pants, and Daedelus, just to name a few. You can buy that here.

Art by James Jean

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1. Tenere Taqhim Tossam (FourTet Remix)
2. Imidiwan Ma Tenam (Portugal The Man Remix)
3. Imidiwan Ma Tenam (Gypsphonic & Bobby Mac Remix)
4. Tameyawt (Deakin of Animal Collective Remix)



New J-Rocc mix (this is vol. 6 of the series) of vintage dub/reggae.

(Rappamelo just posted the entire run of the mix series tonight, get em before they will inevitably be gone here)

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Snake Plissken.


Detroit house by M00dymann. Start with track 2




Vinyl Buy


Minimalist Psych/Latin Jazz



More underwater loops from the Hash Realm courtesy of Teebs



---Amazing 1975 George Duke album
Listen (Via Rappamelo)

 ---Detroit Not Detroit, a streamable mix of classic Detroit techno by Nutriot over on LA Mixtape

---Plug Research Podcast #16

---A Punk Mix: Listen

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Maximus friend and psycedelic heroin contributor Scott playing some badassery that'll sterilize your neighbors. they were meatheads anyway. bladdow.


One of the few instrumental hip-hop albums that incorporates live instruments (horns/keys/etc.) with the hip-hop staples of samplers (drums) and vinyl samples while actually going somewhere beyond 'hey lemme loop this beat while u play a sax over it'. Looking at you, Dj Premier.


Genre: Nu-jazz/beats/instrumental

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Early 50's/60's rockabilly and blues-jazz collected by Keb Darge & Cut Chemi$t


Sunday, July 22, 2012


1.Sergio Mendes
2.Sergio Mendes 2
3.Cal Tjader
4.Jorge Ben
5.(Hype Shit)
6.Brazillian Beats
8.Que 2
9.Latin Beats
10.Tempo 70
11.(Classic Shit)
16.That's Nice

The one and only J. Rocc busts out some vintage Brazilian vinyl for the 1st volume of his Taster's Choice series

Listen (Single track MP3)