Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The 7th Ave. Mix

new mix from yours truly of some stuff I like

1. intro
2. Omark Khorsid-Rakset El Fadaa
3. (unknown. from J.Rocc's tasters choice vol 5)
4. intralude
5. Bayete- Free Angela
6. Damu the Fudgemunk - Prosper
7. Pharoah Sanders - Upper & Lower Egypt
8. Black Merda - Set Me Free
9. Jack Wilkins - Red Clay
10.Suicide - Johnny
11. Knxwledge - Kafe
12. Dimlite - Roo( A Dedication)
13. Sun City Girls - Space Prophet Dogon
14. Pisces - Sam
15. Black Widow-An Afterthought
16. Leroy Hutson - Cool Out
17. Julia Holter - Goddess Eyes

little bit-o-everything


Dy-no-mite! Dy-no-mite! (2009)

Badass soundtrack to one of the baddest movies ever made

Genre: FunkFoDatAss

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Southern Rock

1. Lynyrd Skynyrd — The Seasons
2. Barefoot Jerry — Smokies
3. Joe South — Hush
4. Bobbie Gentry — Papa Won't You Let Me Go To Town
5. Area Code 615 — Stone Fox Chase
6. Duane And Greg Allman — God Rest His Soul
7. Cher — I Walk On Guilded Splinters
8. Cowboy — Please Be With Me
9. The Allman Brothers — Ain't Wasting No Time
10. Link Wray — Be What You Want To
11. Boz Scaggs — I'll Be Long Gone
12. Lynyrd Skynyrd — Comin' Home
13. Bobbie Gentry — Seasons Come, Seasons Go
14. Leon Russell — Out In The Woods
15. Tony Joe White — Polk Salad Annie
16. Barefoot Jerry — Come To Me Tonight
17. Duane And Greg Allman — Morning Dew
18. Dan Penn — If Love Was Money
19. Linda Ronstadt — I Won't Be Hangin' Round
20. Waylon Jennings — Big D
21. Big Star — Thirteen
22. Bobbie Gentry — Mississippi Delta
23. Travis Wammack — I Forgot To Remember To Forget
24. Johnny Cash — If I Were A Carpenter
25. Billy Vera — I'm Leaving Here Tomorrow, Mama

Nice Southern Rock from the always amazing Soul Jazz. Skip the slow songs and venture for the gems.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dublab Presents

LABRAT LABEL LOVES is a collection of sneak peak songs from dublab’s favorite record labels. It was created as a thank you gift for donors who contributed to dublab’s fall 2011 Proton Drive fundraiser. Thanks to all of the great record labels and artists who contributed songs to this collection. Lots of love to all of the Protons for your generous support. Your positive energy powers dublab!

Aristocrat P. Child Presents! – All The Feeling – Sun Ark Edit Bay #1 – Sun Ark
Armstrong – This One – Forthcoming – The Beautiful Music
Astrobal – Trains – Poetry & Science EP – Plug Research
Blondes – Wine – Wine/Water – RVNG INTL
Brass Tax – Feel Better – Brass Tax Album – Neurotic Yell Records
Brogan Bentley- Believer – Believer – Discotheque Records
Burnt Friedman – Sendou – Bokoboko – Nonplace 33
Charles Sharp – Noema – Exits – Empty Cellar
Contact Field Orchestra – On The Autumn Sea – “Vol. 1 Cassette” – Hit+Run
Cruise Family – Be Part Of It (Club Mix) – We’re In Heaven 12″ – Not Not Fun
Cuticle – Night Of Romance – Mother Rhythm Earth Memory – Not Not Fun
Dante Vs Zombies – Natural Disaster – Buh – Neurotic Yell Records
Dylan Shearer – Striking The Air – Porchpuddles – Empty Cellar
Elephant & Castle – Rise – Transistions – Plug Research
Fránçois & The Atlas Mountains – Les Plus Beaux – Les Plus Beaux – Domino Records
Gudrun Gut – Simply The Best (special dublab best mix by g.gut) – Wildlife – Monika
Ignatz – She Gets All She Wants – God Damn, I Hate The Blues – Kraak
Il Due Machina – Ojos Rojos – Il Due Machina – Simballrec
Jail Weddings – She Was a Good Book – Four Future Standards – Neurotic Yell Records
Joseph Childress – Animal – The Rebirths – Empty Cellar
Julia Holter – Marienbad – Ekstasis – RVNG INTL
Just Joans – I Hope He’s Everything You Wanted Me To Be - Television Personalities Tribute, Volume 4 – The Beautiful Music
Keepbullfighting – Personalities – It Never Ends – Complicated Dance Steps
Lake Lustre – Laser Vein – Mystery Plays Singles Club #1 – Mystery Plays
Languis - Deeprode – Close Up – Simballrec
Luis Marte aka Marciano65 – Pet - Forthcoming – Fuga Discos
MacPro link B - Forthcoming – Fuga Discos
Matthewdavid – Autoharp Practice Tapes 1 – Unreleased – Leaving Records
Megafortress – Green Child – Megafortress EP – Software Recording Co
Memoryhouse – The Kids Were Wrong – The Slideshow Effect – Sub Pop
Mike Wexler – Pariah – Dispossession – Mexican Summer
More Friends In 1997 – Walkthrough – More Friends In 1997 – CD-Rt
Mux Mool – Hand On The Scantron – Planet High School – Ghostly
Napolian – My Refuge – Rejoice EP – Software Recording Co
Natalie Beridze - Give My Thoughts No Tongue – Forgetfulness – Monika
Nick deWitt – Car Alarm Song – Untitled – Teenage Teardrops
Oedipa Mass – Boatswain’s Dub – Curio – Complicated Dance Steps
Paul Bonin & The Chosen Few – How I Learned to Love the Bomb (Acoustic Version) – Television Personalities Tribute, Volume 4 – The Beautiful Music
Philippe Laurent – Distortion – The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume 2 – Stones Throw
Pierce Warnecke – The Machine Regrets (Kelpe Remix) – The Machine Regrets – Fremdtunes
Pillars and Tongues – The Making Graceful (Jeals remix) – Forthcoming Remix Collection – Empty Cellar
Polonaise – Trocadero – Trocadero 12″ – 100% Silk
Porn Tawan with Theppabut Band – Tid Keaw Tiew Krung – Zud Rang Ma Compilation – Zud Rang Ma
Rarebit - Mt. Weather – Daizo – Non Projects
Righteous Acid – Casa Zimbabwe – Righteous Acid cassette – Sun Ark
SFV Acid – It’s You – Grown 12″ – 100% Silk
Shade Brigade – Molasses – Shade Brigade – Complicated Dance Steps
Shoeb Ahmad – Robertson Quay – Watch / Illuminate – Mystery Plays
Siddhartha – The Fire Next Time – For the Newer You Than You… – Neurotic Yell Records
Skytone - Never No Never – The JackHammer DUB – The Beautiful Music
Soosh – Us – So Far – Fremdtunes
Squeaky Lobster - Killing Eleven (Tailor Made for dublab) - Forthcoming Vlek EP – Vlek Records
Strategy – Bolly Valve 2000 – Boxy Musix 12″ – 100% Silk
Sun Araw – Prayer Tapes, Vol. 2 (excerpt) – Prayer Tapes, Vol 2″ cassette – Sun Ark
Super Guachin – Se Pixelo el Vinito – Piratas y Fichines – ZZK
Suzanne Ciani – Princess With Orange Feet – Lixiviation – B-Music / Finders Keepers
The Yellow Melodies – Look Back In Anger – How I Learned to Love Television Personalities – The Beautiful Music
Trailer Trash Tracys – You Wish You Were Red – You Wish You Were Red – Domino Records
Turn On The Sunlight – I Love You (Coffee & Cigarettes Band Remix) – Remixes / Collaborations – Disques Corde
U.S. Girls – Island Song (dntel Remix) – Island Song Remixes – Kraak
Weave! – Forsaken – 2nd LP – Neurotic Yell Records
Widows – LAX – Widows EP – Earnest Endeavours
Young Magic – Yalam – Melt – Carpark

For the musically adventurous, ranges from solid to not-so-solid tracks of electronic, abstract, and rock.
(large file: 900MB)

Dublab is awesome. They just came out with a new free app which allows for round-the-clock streaming from their two internet radio channels: dubstream and themestream.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Disappearing People - Dissolve (2012)

an oakland duo who fell into their shadows. but the sounds. all the sounds.

Guitars and vocals by Psychedelic Heroin Co-Founder and Pope, Scotty aka Scotman Crothers aka Dennis Scott aka Scott Summers aka Dred Scott

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Now-Again Mix

New Now-Again mix by C/h/r/i/s/t/o/p/h/e L.e.m.a.i.r.e. (gotta keep em off my trail somehow. We're safe here by the fire. Get your headphones) featuring mostly reissues of Brazilian psych, hazy funk, and international psych pop. Don't sleep on this.


Now-Again Records

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Alchemists of Sound (Documentary)

For fans of John Baker and early electronica.

(Via Tubegnosis)

Arawak - Accadde A (1970)

Ultra rare Italian library record. Nice & hazy psychedelic tones that range between mellow funk, a Madlib sample (see if you can spot the Quasimoto loop) and Spanish guitar medleys.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Damu the Fudgemunk - Overtime (2008)

From Damu the Fudgemunk's '08 album Overtime. Classy instrumentals.

Have a listen

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Art of Sampling Vol. 65

K Def (prdocuer of How Nice I Am) : "The track is just [James Brown's] “Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved” drums chopped up, with a piano from Chick Corea (Chick Corea – “Tones For Joan’s Bones” (Vortex, 1966). Them two things together, along with [Tribe's] “Here’s a funky introduction about how nice I am” [vocal snippet]. I just think the piano from “How Nice I Am” was one of the illest grooves. In the ’90s everybody else was doing filtering, and all this low end bass, and all this muddy kind of stuff. But that was a real vibrant kind of beat."

David Axelrod - Song of Innocence (1968)

Think orchestral rock, not some godawful Trans-Siberian Orchestra shit, but more like an instrumental version of Serge Gainsbourg's 'Histoire de Melody Nelson' with more breakbeats. The first track has been sampled by Jurassic 5, Swizz Beats fell asleep and looped a 30-second block of 'Holy Thursday' for Doctor Carter on a Lil Wayne album, and Oddisee and a few others have done the same. My favorite Axelrod album, epic through and through.

Brian Bennett - Voyage (A Journey Into Discoid Funk) (1978)

Greetings and sorry for the delay. Here's some electroboogiefunk to pop into the 8-track of your Battlestar Galactica life-size Viper fighter thats sitting in your backyard under a tarp.

I'll be back soon with another mix I've just put together and a list of no-brainers I forgot to post last year.

Yippee ki yay, Mr. Falcon