Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Brazilian Psych


Label Love

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Sunday, May 27, 2012


Alternative/Indie rock



       Quality hip-hop instrumentals. For fans of J Dilla and Oddisee.

6-track bonus beat EP (instrumentals)

Not convinced?

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Zambian psych/garage.


Show some label love and pick up the Witch box-set 4-CD/6-LP out on Now-Again Records, collecting Witch's complete discography.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Swapmeet Runaround Vol. 1

Thanks to whoever out there dropped these two gems in the Swapmeet Runaround Vol. 1 comments.  If you know of some good shit, any genre, drop it in the comments below (just an artist & album title will do) and I'll post them for SR Vol. 2

Mount Kimbie's 'Crooks and Lovers' Stream (Soundcloud)

  I wore out my MP3's to this one back in 2010
Genre: electronic/beats

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


New album by Luke Abbott. For fans of electronic Krautrock, early electronic music, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Mort Garson, etc.



Monday, May 21, 2012


Nigerian electrosynth-funk/robot invasion party jams

A) Lets Fall in Love (7:20)
B) Good Name (10:05)


Nice EP of some Mid-90's Drum-n-bass/jungle/downtempo from the UK.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Swapmeet Runaround

Trying to start a swapmeet runaround monthly featurette here where you all can recommend an album for everybody to check out.
Step 1 of 1. Post 1 album title or link to an album of any genre. Include description if you want.

I will post first 5 (no major labels, too risky).

(IMG Rafael Grampa)

Friday, May 11, 2012


A villanelle I wrote for a class way back when:
First heard it when Tribe sampled Weldon Irvine
  Award Tour, Steve Biko, I could never forget
  6 years old, the year Cantaloop made US3
From Midnight Marauders to Low End Theory
  Alice, cried Coltrane, not quar but Four Tet
  First heard it when Tribe sampled Weldon Irvine
 Hoagy Carmicheal meet The Stark Reality
 Hootie the first tape I put in my deck
  6 years old, the year Cantaloop made US3  

Madlib and Blue Note, Please Set Me At Ease
  He played with the Tea Set, Roger, he goes by Barrett
  First heard it when Tribe sampled Weldon Irvine
I know Burroughs would be proud of Madvillainy
RZA, GZA, U-GOD, Method, and Inspectah Deck
6 years old, the year Cantaloop made US3
Can I Kick It bassline courtesy of Lou Reed
And I'll be nodding my neck till I'm no longer yet
First heard it when Tribe sampled Weldon Irvine
6 years old, the year Cantaloop made US3

If you're new here...

I still say this is the best album on the site

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I love this fucking album EP. rock n roll. little bit of garage/punk/glam



1. Sylvia – Sweet Stuff (04:22)
2. The Ambassadors – Ain’t Got The Love (Of One Girl On My Mind) (02:28)
3. Richard Evans feat. Linda Williams – Capricorn Rising (04:40)
4. Starvue – Body Fusion (05:39)
5. The Soul Searchers – Ashley’s Roachclip (05:35)
6. Willie ‘Beaver’ Hale – Groove On (05:59)
7. Eddy Senay – Cameo (06:11)
8. Cal Tjader – Morning (03:28)
9. Francisco Aguabella – Ramon’s Desire (04:09)
10. The Philly Armada Orchestra – For The Love Of Money (06:29)
11. Family Tree feat. Sharon Brown – Family Tree (04:40)
12. Perfect Circle – The Hands of Time (06:17)
13. War – War Is Coming! War Is Coming! (07:05)
14. Hiroshi Fukumura – Hunt Up Wind (06:04)
15. Wood Brass & Steel – Always There (05:25)
16. C.K. Mann & His Carousel 7 – Asafo Beesuon – Obaa Yaa Aye Me Bone (Medley) Edit
17. C.K. Mann & His Carousel 7 – Asafo Beesuon – Obaa Yaa Aye Me Bone (Medley) Full Length (13:33)
18. Merry Clayton – Gimme Shelter (03:28)
19. Bill Summers – Brazilian Skies (04:29)
20. Various Artists – Strange Games & Funky Things 5 Mix (Mixed by DJ Spinna)

Genre: late 70's funk/ world funk&soul /DJ Spinna kills it as usual
Listen (part 1)

Listen (part 2)

or stream it below:


Joe Henderson and Alice Coltrane's album "The Elements"
Genre: Spiritual Jazz


Reminiscent of the neo-soul collective the Soulquarians, this album works to combine (rather than simply using elements of) hip hop, jazz, and soul. The instrumentation is solid, the drummer and bassist obviously going for that J-Dilla sound. My only gripe is, like De La Soul once said, "I'm sick of R&B bitches over bullshit tracks", meaning that the limited melody range of some of the vocalists can at times unnecessarily stand in front of the instruments that I want to hear front and center. And though a couple stagnate, most of it soars. And for the jazz nerds, it's a Blue Note release, so there's that.
For fans of Erykah Badu, Dilla, Roots, and Mos Def.


Vinyl Buy


Superb hiphop instrumentals by Thes One culled from vintage radio and tv commercials. Aside from Pete Rock, Thes seems to be the only producer I know of who has perfected the "underwater sound" that results from the multi-layer filtering of samples. Jazzy, swingin, you like!

Listen (re-upped 10/12/12)

Vinyl Buy


A re-up of my favorite psych album from last year. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

New Links/Blogs

Craving new shit? Check the updated left-hand right-hand side of the site for all the music feeds/blogs that I follow.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Astral-orchestra music. For fans of Steve Reich and David Axelrod.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday, America. Seal may not be there.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

JSR OST (1999)

If you ever played this Dreamcast classic you can get the soundtrack and its Xbox sequel's here . A mix of upbeat Japanese electro-Bboy/funk tracks and a couple American anime-worthy rock bands. Sift for the winners.