Monday, February 28, 2011


still on the search for this

your neighborhood audio hunter+gatherer will keep you posted (ha)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

V./A. - Dublab Presents: Echo Expansion (2009)

1. THE LIFE FORCE TRIO – Alice live at the natural history museum
2. ADVENTURE TIME – set on satellites
3. BLANK BLUE – eyes closed (private stash version)
5. FLYING LOTUS – backpack caviar
6. RAS G – stealth mode
7. DAEDELUS – dnt fk sgr
8. DIMLITE – jose’s views
9. DNTEL – sundial
10. LANGUIS – million ways
11. JAHBITAT & DANIEL GUTIERREZ – tonada del tormento
12. KUTMAH – song song
13. HASHIM B. – tokyo to LA steez
14. TAKE – wonder man’s flask
15. MATTHEWDAVID – tomorrowspirit
16. ANDREW PEKLER – new fibrillation

Favorite track from the album, Blank Blue - eyes closed[fucking ads]:

Genre: Future beats/electronic/downtempo

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Check out as well, great music collective with massive archives of music online for free

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

David Axelrod - The Edge (1966-'70)

Compilation of Axelrod's work at Capitol Records. A great introduction to Axelrod featuring production work with Cannonball Adderley on "Tensity" and cuts from his psych/funk/compositional masterpieces Song of Innocence and Songs of Experience, among others.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Boards of Canada - In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country (2000)

"In our high-tech world, signal degradation and analog fuzz express the organic because the organic always decays. It is how machines remember their roots." -Erik Davis

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Genre: Electronic/spacey beats

Sun City Girls - Torch Of The Mystics (1993)

Sufi Spaghetti Western music. The album doesn't hit its stride till "Space Prophet Dogon" (Hail Eris!), a track any void-loving psychonaut worth his salt wouldn't mind venturing out to with a grab bag of sage and select rocket-boosters.

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Agitation Free - Malesh (1972)

Agitation Free's debut album, inspired by travels through Egypt, Cypress, and Greece. It was aptly sponsored by the German Goethe Institute. Krautrock meets the Middle-East and (pre)Sun City Girls

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Monday, February 14, 2011

CLATSF (1974)


In case you missed it.
Robert Calvert's first album right after joining Hawkwind.
Features the likes of Brian Eno, Lemmy, Dave Brock, and Aurthur Brown.

Doug Graves member of Glitter Wizard informed me that there were talks of having
Keith Moon doing some of the German voices for the spoken word portions of this album.
Also Nico was meant to do the vocals for "The Widow's Song"

If you want to immediately fall in love with this album
skip to track 10 and let it lead into "Ejection"
Fucking Brilliant.
Check out the wiki article to learn more about it's Concept.

Genre: Satirical Concept Album

Friday, February 11, 2011

Bibio - Vignetting the Compost (2009)

Bibio, current Warp Records up-and-comer, released this album on Mush Records back in 2009. Bibio released two albums that year, this and his first release for Warp, Ambivalence Avenue. The latter showcased a sampling of his experiments with the beat/electronic scene, a style that makes up the bulk of his forthcoming release in March. Vignetting The Compost is Bibio's last, so far, non-electronic album. It is wonderfully produced, filled with beautiful guitar loops, haunting vocals, and crackling field recordings. One of the most unique modern musicians I've come across.

Genre: folk/psychedelic/music the Wright brothers would fly to

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Subway - Subway II (2009)

Brilliant instrumental electronic album that runs the spectrum from Krautrock (one track is named 'Harmonia') to ambient to post-punk/electroboogie

Headphones recommended

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Serge Gainsbourg - Historie De Melodie Nelson (1971)

Super-suave Frenchman and ladyfriend on some Chuck Chillout Axelrod-sounding arrangements.

Genre: Rock/Orchestral

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Antena - Camino Del Soul (1982)

Bossa Nova+SP-808 drum machine + synthesizer

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Clogs - Lantern (2006)

Minimalist classical meets Explosions in the Sky

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Sunday, February 6, 2011


Prince Kajuku

Catch a falling star put it in your pocket
Take hold of the moonbeams, hang them around your neck



Brainstorm 1
Earth Calling 2

Been holding off on listening to this until i got through the other albums.
Holy tits.


Bo Hansson - Music Inspired by Lord of the Rings (1972)

Cover says it all

(thanks to Trisha for the find)

Genre: psych./instrumental/imagined soundtrack

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

V./A. - Freedom, Rhythm, and Sound

Another great compilation by Soul Jazz Records. Definitely support this label (yeah, yeah I know). Their vinyl compilations come packed with well-written info about the artists and musical histories involved. Their Krautrock compilation, Deutsche Elektronishe Musik, is equally amazing.

Megaupload RAR

Genre: Jazz

Friday, February 4, 2011


Favorite album of all time. Original recording, not the Now-Again Reissue. The soundtrack to psychedelic Sesame Street.

Listen (Re-upped 8/28/12)

Shuggie Otis - Here Comes Shuggie Otis (1970)

Hendrix-sound+Soul+Blues. Epic intro song with Jennie Lee following it perfectly

Mediafire RAR

The Faust Tapes (1973)

J'ai Mal Aux Dents )rar)
Untitled )zip)

Not enough i could say about this band. Each album is its own realm.
The majority of these tracks are untitled.
Experiments with sounds linked to short spaced out jams you
wish would last forever.

In some cases they do,


Sun Araw - On Patrol (2010)

like a world-music sampler on DMT

Genre: Psych/Dub/Calypso

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Iasos - Interdimensional Music (1975)

For your next hang gliding adventure over the Upside Down Waterfalls. Spaced-out instrumental/ambient downtempo 70's music done right. Buckminster Fuller and Alan Watts giving it the geodesic-self-moving-pattern nod on the sticker quote.

Mediafire RAR

Broadcast - The Future Crayon

LSD at the laundry mat.

Hammer Without A Master



Voice of Space

Suicide (1977)

We're all lying in hell.


On the lookout for this. Lost my digital copy a few years ago. Album art never lies.

Album Liner Notes:
"A strange thing happened recently when my piano playing son Randy and i were on our way through a couple of scotch and sodas. A late afternoon delivery and there it stood with all the tapes of the pre-recorded music for my children's songs TV series. "By the Stark Reality it says its here". "Who's the Stark Reality" asked Randy.
"Some group your brother Hoagy has been touting," I said wearily.

But how to play them? Oh yes, that big tape recorder a college chum had given me for christmas. A measly gift, and i had almost forgotten about it. Luckily, Randy knew how to work it, and out of it rolled some of the damnedest music either of us had ever heard. This is children's music!? OK., sera, sera - and Randy and I poured one quickie after another as we sat there losing our middle class minds. "Weird, man."

I say, "Stark mad" Monty's voice?...somewhere between the filings on the edge of a pie pan, and the singing of a guru during one of his most exalted moments. I tell you, that Monty is something else."

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - Timeless: A Suite For Ma Dukes (2010)

Backstory: Miguel Atwood-Ferguson takes some of the late-great hip-hop producer J Dilla's greatest songs and arranges them for a 60-piece orchestra. Add a live audience and performances by Talib Kweli, Dwele, and Posdnous and you get a reinterpretation that adds to the legend of Dilla. 2/3 of the album is strictly orchestral work with the occasional accompanying drums. Surprisingly, the live appearances don't ruin the flow of the album but actually give the concert a dynamic live fluidity. The Stakes is High track that nears the albums end never fails to give me goosebumps every time I listen to it. Highly recommended

Genre: Classical/modern+drums

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Arthur Verocai - Self-titled (1972)

One of my all-time favorite Brazilian albums, Verocai masterfully blends Bossa Nova, psychedelic rock, keys, and a horn section. The album starts off with Caboclo, a hypnotic song featuring a flickering synth and haunting chorus. The trumpet and drums on Na Boca Do Sol will be familiar to any fans of the Special Herbs Vol.'s.

Genre: Brazilian/psychedelic

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Harmonia - Live 1974

Harmonia is a supergroup featuring musicians from Cluster, Dieter Mobius, and Neu! Plenty of amazing sounds here with vintage drum machines and analog synths. If you haven't forayed into Krautrock yet this is as good a place as any to start.

Genre: Electronic

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

V./A. - Message From The Tribe (2004)

Rare Detroit Jazz/Funk from 1972-1976 compiled by the re-issue maestros over at Soul Jazz Records. Marcus Belgrave's track "Space Oddysey" features a bassline resembling Freddie Hubbard's Red Clay paired with intergalactic horns. Phil Ranelin's Vibes from the Tribe is easily the funkiest cool-out song on here (see if you can figure out which song Tribe Called Quest used this one on). One of the best re-issue compilations I've come across.
Genre: Jazz/Funk/moody soul+blues

Megaupload Rar

Sabicas with Joe Beck - Rock Encounter (1970)

Goodwill bargain-bin find. Nice blend of Latin and blues rock with no cheeseball filler.

Filesonic RAR (on Filesonic scroll down and click "Slow Download")

J-Rocc - Syndromes 2

Jazz/funk/soul origin nuggets mixed by J-Rocc with the repurposed Pharoah Sanders album cover. The kind of mix you keep the tracklist to in your wallet for the swap meet.

Phil Ranelin -Vibes from the tribe
Archie Whitewater - Cross Country
Junior Mance - Jin Jin Deo
Michael Jackson - Ain't No Sunshine
Bill Withers - Can We Pretend
Electric Prunes - Holy Are You
Dennis Coffey - Whole Lot of Love
Lou Donaldson - You're Welcome, Stop On By
Monk Higgins - One Man Band
Dorthy Ashby - Come Live With Me
Cecil Holmes - I'm Just Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More
Les McCann - Benjamin
Ramsey Lewis - Julia
Ahmad Jamal - The World Is A Ghetto
Lou Donaldson- Ode To Billy Joe
Bill Deal - Tuck’s Theme (Heritage)

Mediafire Zip

Carlos Nino - High With A Little Help From (2009)

High With A Little Help From is a beautiful sonic progression of interludes, samples, and the occasional mix of rhythmic percussion. It's one that takes a few listens to fully appreciate because the usual signs that mark a songs end aren't there. The ambient form of the album mixes the styles of Brian Eno and the more downtempo work of Daedelus.

Genre: Ambient/Electronic/Folk

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