Tuesday, August 23, 2011

J.D. Emmanuel - Solid Dawn:Electronic Works 1979-1982 (2009)

A collection of Emmanuel's synth-drone works that sound very much in the style of the more electronic Krautrock (Cluster/Eno/early Kraftwerk), Mort Garson, and John Baker


Thursday, August 18, 2011


Artist Davi.Augusto

Spotlight: K-Murdock

DC-based producer K-Murdock provides the beats for the hip-hop group Panacea and is a member of the genre-spanning band Restoring Poetry In Music. Heavily influenced by Japanese producer Nujabes (of Samurai Champloo fame), his beats are more layered than bass/kick-heavy and tend to favor creative, ascending 4-note structures. Sample his albums below:

Terry Riley - A Rainbow in Curve Air (1969)

More cosmic than the usually freak-out electronica of the late 60's, Terry Riley's 3rd studio album shows his skills as an arranger as he uses overdubbing to play all of the electronics on the album. The electronic harpsichord and electric organ give the record a 70's vibe but thankfully without the guitar-solos-to-the-gods and Phil Collins drum sets of the Prog Rock era.

Track 1: Imagine what the inside of Brian Eno's head sounds like on LSD as he's composing a piece while his kid plays NES in the next room.
Track 2: Effects, horns, and an albums worth of possible Four Tet samples.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Panbers – “Haai”
The Brims – “Anti Gandja”
Bad News – “Rollies”
Shark Move – “Evil War”
Golden Wing – “Hear Me”
AKA – “Do What You Like”
IVO’s Group – “That Shocking Shaking Day”
Ariesta Birawa Group – “Didunia Yang Lain”
Terenchem – “Jeritan Cinta”
Benny Soebarjda and Lizard – “Candle Light”
Superkid – “People”
Koes Plus – “Mobil Tua”
The Gang of Harry Roesli – “Don’t Talk About Freedom”
Black Brothers – “Saman Doye”
Rasela – “Pemain Bola”
Freedom of Rhapsodia – “Freedom”
Rythm Kings – “The Promise”
AKA – “Shake Me”
Duo Kribo – “Uang”

Genre: Indonesian Psych
[Thanks to Kevin for putting me on to this]

more soul than a sock with a hole

Friday, August 12, 2011

1.Howlin Wolf-Evil
2.Bo Diddley-Another Sugar Daddy
3. Etta James-Tell Mama
4. The Stereos-Stereo Freeze
5. The Soulful Strings-Burning Spear
6. Ramsey Lewis-Party Time
7. Eve Barnum-Please Newsboy
8. Dorothy Ashby-Soul Vibrations
9. Little Milton-More and More
10. Lorez Alexandria-Baltimore Oriole
11. Majestic Choir & The Soul Stirrers-Why Am I Treated So Bad
12. Phil Upchurch-The Way I Feel
13. Buddy Guy-She Suits Me A Tee
14. Rotary Connection-Memory Band
15. Etta James-You Got It
16. Muddy Waters – I Just want to make love to you
17. Laura Lee-Mama’s Got A Good Thing Going
18. Sonny Cox-The Wailer
19. Gene Chandler-In My Body’s House
20. Fontella Bass-Leave It In The Hands Of Love

Genre: spaceage jazzfunk

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Talking With Gods (2010)

A look into the mindscape of one of the greatest comic book writers of all time. Psychedelics, magick, superheroes, philosophy, rock-n-roll, etc.

Friday, August 5, 2011


New/old beats from Knxwledge. Buy/stream it here