Sunday, March 25, 2012

First this

Got a rare Brazilian psych re-up followed by a ultra-rare jazz album coming in the next few days, till then...enjoy one of my all time favorites

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Godwill Find

Found this in the bargain bin the other day. Name that sample.....

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tighten Up (Yellow Magic Orhcestra) - 1980

My main man Mr. Pebworthington brought this 7" to my house tonight as a gift after finding it for$1.99 downtown.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Soul/Funk '65-75

A1 Black On White Affair, The – Bold Soul Sister, Bold Soul Brother 2:56
A2 Soul Swingers – Brighter Tomorrow 2:52
A3 Cookin' Bag – This Is Me 2:25
A4 Ron Buford – Deep Soul (Part 1) 2:05
A5 Overton Berry Trio, The – Hey Jude 5:35
A6 Misterholmes & The Brotherhood – Thrift Store Find 2:40
B1 Robbie Hill's Family Affair – I Just Want To Be (Like My Self) 3:17
B2 Cold, Bold & Together – (Stop) Losing Your Chances 3:42
B3 Broham – Nothing In Common 4:17
B4 Johnny Lewis Trio, The – Cissy Strut 6:35
C1 Patrinell Staten – Little Love Affair 3:44
C2 Black On White Affair, The – A Bunch Of Changes 3:07
C3 Topics, The – Louie Louie 6:07
C4 Clarence Mack Express, The – Runaway Train 3:41
C5 Annakonda – Wheedle's Groove 3:15
D1 Sharpshooters (2) – Balek 3:12
D2 Cookin' Bag – The Song I Sing 2:46
D3 Cold, Bold & Together – Somebody's Gonna Burn Ya 3:03
D4 Soul Swingers – Ca'-Ba'-Dab' 2:56
D5 Patrinell Staten – I Let A Good Man Go 2:05
D6 Black On White Affair, The – Auld Lang Syne

Seattle Funk And Soul 1965-75
Just might be my favorite funk/soul compilation
There's some fuzz guitar in there too for the psych heads.
That 'Hey Jude' cover is on another plane....

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chocolate Skittles Vol. 1 (2009)

Leif's Minutemen Intro
Moses Dillard - Tribute to Wes
R.L. Burnside - Down South
The Marvelettes - You're The One For Me
Ariel Pink - Every Night I Die At Miyagis
Neutral Milk Hotel - King of Carrot Flowers pt. 2+3
Dam Funk - Sunset
DJ Frane - Visions of U
Hungry Wolf - Track 5
Shuggie Otis - Strawberry Letter 23
Daedelus - Pocket Watch Pulse
Arthur Verocai - Cabocolo
Marshall McLuhan - Side A
Flying Lotus - White
Ariel Pink - Ballad of Bobby Pyn
Robert Anton Wilson
Jaylib- Astronaut
Mark Murphy - Waters of March

A mix I made for my Ladyfriend back in the day

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Adventure Time

This show is where its at. At least watch it till they get to the Land of the Dead and have a music battle.....

Hine and Kane

People often ask Shaky and myself what music inspires us. What do we listen to while we conjure up the words and images that go to make The Bulletproof Coffin the groovy graphic hit that's rockin' the nation?

Well, here's what's spinning on our turntable this week. Let us know if you'd like more tips on what's hot in the world of pop:

Waiting For Trade: On The Jukebox

Monday, March 12, 2012

V/A - Cloud Cuckooland

1. Antiteater - Opening
2. Ihre Kinder - Stunden
3. Out Of Focus - See How A White Negro Flies
4. Sam Spence - Waterworld
5. Ernst Schultz - Paranoia Picknick
6. Sonny Hennig - 1000 Tips Zum Überleben
7. Ernst Schultz - 10 Finger Blind
8. Ihre Kinder - Komm Zu Dir
9. Deuter - Der Turm
10. Sam Spence - Ringo
11. Antiteater - Memorn (Der Amerikanische Soldat)
12. Armegeeddon - Oh Man
13. Sam Spence - World As One
14. Deuter - Night Rain
15. Ernst Schultz - XY
16. Lied Des Teufels - Nichts
17. Antiteater - Intermezzo
18. Out Of Focus - Blue Sunday Morning
19. Ihre Kinder - The Dice
20. Antiteater - Trauer (La Mandragola)

Krautrock sampler of pre-1974 tracks from the Kuckuck label. Equal parts trippy, psychedelic, and, sadly, Prog rock towards the end.


Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday, March 2, 2012

Edan - Beauty & The Beat (2005)

Classic psychedelic hip-hop. Not Lovecraft/Sci-Fi stuff like Dr. Octagon, Cannibal Ox or Deltron, but skilled lyricism over more deep funk/soul rarities and psychedelic nuggets such as a completely Headbangers Ball-level reworking of Ogdens Nut Flake by The Small Faces on the track Rock N Roll. I mean how many times are you gonna hear somebody rap over an Arik Einstein track without adding anything to it but some reverb?